Happy Birthday, Rihanna! 15 Reasons Why RiRi Rocks

Today, Barbadian-born songstress Rihanna turns the big 2-5, capping off a tumultuous year filled with career coups (A #1 album! Fashion and beauty collabs!) and a fair deal of controversy (that whole Chris Brown thing). Still, no matter where her personal and professional life may take her, we think RiRi's one of the brightest stars out there—bright like a diamond, one might say. Read on to learn why.

1. For the first time in her career thus far, RiRi debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart with last November's release of her album Unapologetic. Seems the seventh time's the charm—but we have a feeling her chart-topping won't stop there.

2. To promote said album, Rihanna invited over 200 music journalists on her aptly-titled 777 Tour, which saw the group traveling to seven different countries in seven days on a private Boeing 777. The trip wasn't without its fair share of turbulence, apparently—but still, props to the songstress for an innovative promotional idea!

3. She also released the Diamonds Executive Platinum Box, a $250 collector's set containing lithographs, laptop stickets, a limited-edition vinyl, a custom View-Finder and more. Swag.

4. Did you see her performance at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? Anyone able to steal the spotlight away from Doutzen, Adriana and Alessandra is a skilled woman indeed.

5. That custom Azzedine Alaia dress she wore to the Grammys? Yeah, we're still not over it.

6. She's already conquered the music industry—but just last weekend, she unveiled her first-ever fashion line, a collaboration with River Island that showed at London Fashion Week. We expect those jumpsuits and crop tops to sell like proverbial hotcakes.

7. According to a WWD item released just this morning, Rihanna's inked a major deal with MAC Cosmetics. She'll create four beauty collections under the RiRi [Hearts] MAC name, to be released throughout 2013. The first product to debut will be RiRi Woo, the singer's reinterpretation of MAC's iconic Ruby Woo lipstick. If it helps us score the singer's signature bold pout, we're sold.

8. Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour will kick off on March 8 in Buffalo, New York. Considering that her 2011 LOUD tour was the seventh highest-grossing concert tour that year, we expect nothing less than sold-out shows.

9. Last year, Nielsen SoundScan named RiRi the best-selling digital artist of all time. That means that in terms of paid downloads, she beat out Britney Spears, Eminem, Beyoncé, Kanye West and tons of other superstars who've been in the music game for far longer. As of last January, she'd amassed 47.5 million downloads.

10. She's the ultimate hair chameleon! Rihanna's been a brunette, a redhead and a blonde. She's worn her hair long, short, half-shaved, curly and pin-straight. We can't even pick our favorite at this point.

11. She's the fourth most-followed person on Twitter—meaning she's got fewer followers than Justin Bieber, but more than Barack Obama. Yes, more than the President of the United States of America.

12. In her "Diamonds" video, she cast horses as her co-stars. We approve.

13. Speaking of her videos, she's clearly doing something right—RiRi's the most-viewed female artist on YouTube, surpassing even Lady Gaga. reported last year that she'd amassed a staggering 2,068,076,591 billion views on the video viewing site.

14. She's tied with Madonna for the most #1 singles released (both have had 12 chart-topping tracks). Lest we remind you, at 25, Rihanna's less than half Madge's age.

15. She found love in a hopeless place. Really.

Photo via WWD

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