The 20 Most Memorable Oscars Dresses Ever

Julia Roberts, 2001

in Vintage Valentino

American cinema's reigning sweetheart may have taken home a statuette for her portrayal of uber-bosomy Erin Brockovich that night, but we liked how she showed just a hint of chiffon-veiled décolletage in this iconic gown.

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Senior Digital Editor

We're at the tail end of a jam-packed awards season, with the grand finale—the Oscars, duh—just a few days away. We can't wait to see what our favorite nominees wear—we already know Jennifer Lawrence will step out in a breathtaking Dior, while we hope to see Lupita Nyong'o pick another brilliantly bold monochromatic gown. As for which designer she'll select—Gucci? Ralph Lauren?—that's anyone's guess.

With our pre-Academy Awards anticipation at a boiling point, we thought it a prime time to take a look back at some of the most memorable Oscars looks from years past. Click through to peep some gowns that made a major impact—for better or worse.