The Best Leggings Ever


Everyone's always raving about the perfect LBD, but what about a great pair of black leggings? They're easy to wear, slimming—and, when styled the right way (with long sweaters, tunics or basically anything that covers the crotch area!), they can look really chic.

My current favorites are these smooth leggings by Tees by Tina, a line packed with seamless, one-size-fits-most basics. Made mostly of nylon with a bit of spandex thrown in, they almost feel like matte tights but have a little more weight, without any waistband dig. They're super-comfortable and totally opaque, which is a must. Most importantly, they don't stretch out, thanks to some cool "stretch-and-recover" technology in the yarn, so no saggy knees!

I've been living in these on the weekends, but they're also great for travel: you can dress them up to look upgrade-worthy, but they're equally ideal for curling up in if you’re stuck with a minimal-leg-room coach seat. Perfect.


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