Tumblr is Going Back to NYFW

In what's quickly becoming a fashion and internet tradition, Tumblr's once again taking the best of their fashion creators and sending them to New York Fashion Week. For the past few seasons, Tumblr's Fashion Evangelist, Valentine Uhovski, has worked tirelessly to pair up these talented bloggers with designers, brands and icons during the shows. We've come to expect skilled photographers and witty commentators from their crop and this year is no exception. The chosen ones, as we like to call them, have shared their excitement and a few of their favorite posts with us.

So without further ado, we present to you the Tumblr Fashion Week Class of Fall 2013:

Jaimen Lee

by Jaimen Lee Sfetko, 29

In her own words, Jaimen's tumblr is, "my personal style blog. My goal is to showcase a constantly-changing variety of old and new, high and low, that’s accessible to all style-conscious ladies, unique to my fashion sense and somewhat trend-driven."

On her past experience: "I've been a fashion blogger for a couple years now and have had a lot of fun partnering with various brands. I've also guest blogged for a number of outlets and attended Tel Aviv fashion week last year, which was amazing."

Why she's excited to attend NYFW with Tumblr: "I'm excited to share everything I see with my readers - from the shows and presentations to street style, beauty and what I'm wearing day to day!"

Click through to see a sample of Jaimen's work