What We Expect to See at New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Ah, NYFW—that magical time of year when we get to catch up with our industry acquaintances, spot some stellar street style and take in amazing collections amidst a flurry of popping flashbulbs and air kisses. And possibly, this time around, actual flurries—it's pretty cold here in Manhattan.

Click through to see which stars, trends and snacks (yes, snacks) we're betting on seeing all over the place starting this Thursday. Now, bring on the shows!


Ah, Fashion Week: that joyful time of year when things really get going—in more ways than one. Yep, Fiber One is once again a prime sponsor of the week's festivities. Everyone knows it can be tough to find time to eat in between shows and presentations, so get ready to chow down on some chewy snacks.

Via Fiberone.com