Designer Collabs That Should Be Real: Kiddie Cartoon Edition

We've already shown you our dream movie/style mash-ups and shared the brands we think would work swimmingly together—but for this round of Designer Collabs That Should Be Real, we're getting animated.

As children, our cartoon TV series of choice—My Little Pony, Care Bears—informed our lunch box selections, sticker collections and, yes, clothing purchases. So we went a step further and paired our favorite kiddie characters with some of the coolest brands and stores out there. They may be the television toons of our youth, after all, but they're just as cool today. Click through for some serious nostalgia.

Doug for J.Crew

More than a decade after the show ended in the late '90s, the Doug theme song still makes us smile. This gangly Bluffington student always recognized the power of a good sweater vest, and we'd love to see his sartorial signature rendered in J.Crew's deliciously soft cashmere—not to mention Patti Mayonnaise's oh-so-Jenna-Lyons polka-dot pullover. Bonus points if the retailer whipped up some collars and canine carriers in honor of Porkchop, too.

Doug image courtesy of Nickelodeon / Everett Collection