The Most Stylish Video Game Characters Ever

Fashion and video games aren't frequently paired together, but there's no shortage of style on those consoles and computer screens. Whether your tastes lean more toward the fighting women of Mortal Kombat and Tekken or you prefer the more demure style of the Toadstool Kingdom, there's a character for everyone. We went through some of our favorite games to bring you our high scores for style. There's a princess, an outer space adventurer, an old favorite, a menswear addict and a few more. So get clicking—you might even be moved to swing by your local Gamestop for some style inspiration.

Princess Zelda, The Legend of Zelda:

Whether Zelda is traveling through time, holding down the fort in Hyrule Castle or escaping a crumbling castle, she always has her look on lock. Long blonde braids, some gold Triforce jewelry and just enough armor to fit in at a Balmain show. At one time, she even cross-dressed as a dude and looked exactly like a Gothic ninja street style star. We rest easy knowing the Triforce is under her protection.

Aeris, Final Fantasy VII:

Aeris is the nice quiet girl from the slums of Final Fantasy VII's Midgar. Being a member of an ancient culture, she's somehow able to overcome the pollution spreading throughout the city and grow flowers in the ruins of her church. Of course, there's much more to her story than that, but you get the idea—mystical being in a maxidress and denim jacket with combat boots. She's got kind of a '90s grunge thing happening and we're all about it. Plus, her bow contains a piece of White Materia, which is basically like a diamond. Diamond hair accessories are rad.

Samus Aran, Metroid Prime:

Samus was a pioneer in the video game world. Originally brought to us in the '80s, she was the first playable female character in a "mainstream" video game. More power to you, Samus. She spends her days bounty hunting Space Pirates and keeping our universe safe from harm. Here, she's pictured in the Varia suit which comes complete with LED lights, a blaster and a metallic finish. Imagine rolling into a department store like this—you'd get the whole place to yourself and look damn good doing it.

Elena, Final Fantasy VII:

Unlike the heroic Aeris, Elena isn't on the good side. Even though she's a villain, we applaud her sartorial adventures in menswear. You see, she runs with a gang called "The Turks," made up of a bunch of suited-out dudes. To fit in, she dresses the same. It's all very Thom Browne and her short hair plays up the andogyny angle perfectly. We can't say we wouldn't knock out her HP, but you know, she looks good.

Gena, Crazy Taxi:

Not everybody may be familiar with Crazy Taxi, but it's a highly addictive game where you drive people around in taxi cabs. I know how it sounds, but just take my word for it. There are a few characters you can play, but Gena is the only woman. Her laid-back style nods to the West Coast and is the perfect look for a casual day out in Venice. A printed tank, blue jeans and Converse—what could go wrong? True, it does read a little late '90s, but is that a bad thing?

Carrie Fernandez, Castlevania:

These days, everybody is all about vampires. Nowadays, of course, they're vegan vampires with sequined skin. Carrie comes from a time when vampires were meant to be feared and destroyed. As the female counterpart to Castlevania's Reinhardt Schneider, she comes complete with a massive Harajuku-style bow, emerald capelet, purple hair and strong magical powers. She's certainly the most avant-garde of our picks—but hey, if you're out killing vampires and you can't dress how you'd like, what is the point? We walk the streets a little safer at night knowing she's out there, stylishly driving stakes into vampire hearts. Much love, Carrie.

Ms. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man

Obviously we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't give a shoutout to the original gangsta, Ms. Pac-Man. She's the queen of the arcade, champion of bold lips and red boot savante. In many ways, Ms. Pac-Man paved the way for other women of the gaming world. Although Samus may have been the first "mainstream" playable character, she followed in Ms. Pac-Man's cherry-hunting footsteps. We're proud to honor her and her red bow.

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