Hair Tutorial: How To Get Game Of Thrones' Best Braids!

Sansas's Mini French Braids

When in Winterfell, Lord Stark's eldest daughter Sansa takes a less-is-more approach to her hair. Click through to get the look at home.

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The first two seasons of Game of Thrones had been filmed, promoted and aired on national television before I began watching, and I did so with great hesitation. Seeing as every review I'd read on the HBO series examined its testosterone-fueled themes—sex! war! even more sex!—and fanatical male following, it seemed unlikely that I, a girl who owns all six seasons of Dawson's Creek on DVD, could possibly like it.

Still, after just one episode, I liked it, nay—l loved it. Why? As promised, there was an abundant amount of sex, war, and more sex, perhaps even more than I originally anticipated. But there were also incredibly engrossing plot lines, witty dialogue and, arguably, the most inspiring hair on cable right now. Every female character, no matter how small her role, has an intricate, must-pause-the-screen-and-examine-closer braid. French-style fishtails, plaited buns, twisty half-up and half-down styles made from several rolled strands—really, I could watch on mute and still be entertained. (Could.)

As the show's season three premieres this Sunday (9PM on HBO!), I think us lady fans should celebrate by wearing one of its many enviable updos. While a couple are screening-party specific (we're looking at you pouffy hair crown!), many actually work for everyday, non-Seven Kingdom life. And none require a multi-hour time commitment, expensive products or a cosmetology degree to re-create at home. Thanks to three nimble fingered John Barrett Salon's braid bar stylists who stopped by our office, we've learned a few DIY tricks that we're absolutely dying to share.

Click through the slideshow to see our team's Fire and Ice makeovers and test run them in your bathroom now. (Or, if you're in NYC, make an appointment at Bergdorf Goodman's John Barrett braid bar and ask for Halli Bivona, Isabel Guillen and Kayley Pak. Visit for rates and hours.) Winter is coming!

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