What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Says About Your Style

Starbucks always makes me think of this moment in You've Got Mail, when Tom Hanks mocks people with complicated coffee orders. While his observations are purely in jest ("People who have no idea what the hell they're doing, or who on earth they are, can—for $2.95—get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self!"), I've always thought he was onto something there. For instance, have you noticed that the tall black brew sitting on the counter is almost always for someone in a suit? Or that the girl in fuschia Abercrombie hoodie and her five giggling friends all leave with creme-padded Mocha-choke-a-whatchamacallits? 

I've recently discovered that my caffeinated beverage theory also applies to Girl Scout cookie flavors and a woman's wardrobe. Now that it's prime season for those tasty nuggets of sugar-y goodness (find a cute little girl sellng them near you on, I've had oppurtunitity aplenty to compare the varieties preferred by my friends, co-workers and family to the contents of their closets. So far, some of the things I've learned include that Thin Mint lovers will always pick understated pieces from The Row over Versace's look-at-me sexiness (the Italian brand is better suited for Dulce de Leché ladies) and Susie Bubble is probably a Samoa fan. Click through the slideshow and you'll see exactly why—and what your favorite flavor says about your style.

Thin Mints

Really, the cookie says it all: it seems like an innocent chocolate circle until you bite into its minty-fresh awesomeness. Thin Mint girls wear really simple outfits with the same je ne sais quoi.