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Shaped like the official Girl Scout logo, this buttery flavor is probably best known of the bunch. Its fans have an equally classic taste in clothes that skews a little bit preppy. Not in a, like, "would you like a white polo to go with your white visor and starchy chinos" kind of way—rather they just prefer conservative cuts, basic shapes and cheerful colors.
Thin Mints
Really, the cookie says it all: it seems like an innocent chocolate circle until you bite into its minty-fresh awesomeness. Thin Mint girls wear really simple outfits with the same je ne sais quoi.
Samoas/Carmel Delites
Coconut-crusted, chocolate-dipped and covered in stripes, these tasty rings are like edible street style stars. Fans also prefer clothes that stand out; if there's a trend, they're willing try it.
Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwiches
While this nutty variety has a cozy, grandma-keeps-these-in-her-cupboard thing going on, its devotees' outfits give a similar sense of nostalgia. Their closets are filled with fit-and-flare dresses, low sock-hop heels and bird embroidered sweaters. (So, yah, basically everything on Modcloth.)
Sleek and sporty is the name of the Lemonade-lovers' game; they gravitate toward pieces with the same citrus-like crispness. Jewelry, too, must be clean and architectural—if it could pass for rock climbing gear then they'd like it.
Thank U Berry Munches
Also into organic food, recycling and good causes in general, Berry-Munch-obsessives love this cookie because it's kind of like decadent granola. Sustainable fabrics and socially responsible labels play a major role in their wardrobes.
Like the perfectly proportioned biscuit/chocolate ratio, Thanks-a-Lot fans balance sweetness and sophistication with expert precision. (They were also into that whole pajama thing way before Marc Jacobs was.)
Peanut Butter Patties/Tag-a-longs
Tag-a-longs are kind of the ultimate comfort food and the women who prefer them are also big fans of flats, jeans and anything cashmere. Even on the most formal of occasions, they'll still have a dash of disheveled Alexa-Chung-ness happening, like wearing sneakers with, or an oversized Barbour jacket over, a very fancy dress.
Savannah Smiles
No one's ever heard of Savannah Smiles and that's exactly why its devotees like them. When it comes to their closets, they seek out under-the-radar and international brands that most people haven't heard of.
Mango Crèmes
Fans of these fruity sandwiches can't resist anything exotic, whether it's mango in their baked goods or ikat on their clothes. They own an eclectic assortment of internationally-inspired pieces, many of which are tribal printed.
Dulce de Leches
Who knows if it was the mix of creamy cookie and crunchy carmel bits that inspired the Dulce de Leche lady's soft/hard method of dressing, or the other way around? Either way, they have that whole how to dress for guys and girls thing down pat.