12 Prom-Perfect Dresses Inspired By Hollywood's Most Iconic Moments

At least six girls showed up at my high school prom wearing silky, backless yellow gowns, looking as though they'd just stepped off the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days set. It was a big year for stealing prom dress ideas from movies and T.V. (the O.C. was happening, too), but then again, is it ever not? There's always amazing prom-spiration to be had from Hollywood—and not just in recent movies and shows. Who doesn't love a good throwback?

Below, we've rounded up our favorite black tie, prom-ish moments to inspire your dress shopping this year. (Personally I'd recommend going with that Kate Hudson dress. It might even be considered "retro" now. Sigh.)


Thin straps that sit wide on the collarbones create the illusion of a long, swanlike neck—even if you're not Keira Knightley. Plus, that color: it's major. No wonder everyone's still obsessed with this dress.

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