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Thin straps that sit wide on the collarbones create the illusion of a long, swanlike neck—even if you're not Keira Knightley. Plus, that color: it's major. No wonder everyone's still obsessed with this dress.
To Catch a Thief
The free-flowing chiffon and asymmetrical neckline are such a dynamic combination.  Grace Kelly looked amazing wearing it in two-tone blue, but we love a classic black & white pairing, too.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Shockingly low back, unexpected color. It's a one-two punch.
The O.C.
Short prom dresses feel fancier when they've got some volume, like this one Mischa Barton wore. (Plus, the soft ivory is a lot more flattering on most skin types than a stark printer-paper white.)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Wear it with a bright red lip to make it feel more modern. (Honestly, we could easily see Emma Watson wearing this sort of dress in real life, too.)
That jewel-tone's gorgeous, and those tiers will sway ever so slightly when you dance. (You might not want to wear it with Converse like Kristen Stewart does in the film, but you know, to each her own.)
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Go Audrey Hepburn understated with your gown, then step it up a notch with statement accessories.
Gossip Girl
Black and gold embroidery feels so regal—perfect for Queen B, or anyone else who wants a luxe, sorta powerful-looking prom dress.
Some Like It Hot
That silhouette's a popular choice for a reason: it's so, so flattering. Use it's wrappy Grecian goddess-ness to give you Marilyn curves instantly (or at least the illusion of them).
She's All That
'90s minimalism at its best. (Of course, if you buy a dress like this, you have to wear your hair up and walk down the stairs of your house excruciatingly slowly, like Rachel Leigh Cook does in the movie.)
Beverly Hills, 90210
Brenda and Kelly might not have been happy about this situation, but we would if we had this version at right, which is kinda the perfect blend of kitsch and Chanel.