Kate Upton Dresses Like Carrie on Homeland, And Other Things She Told Us

The reasons to be jealous of Kate Upton might be too long to count (that physique and those dance moves, to start) but maybe the most recent one is this: she's already got her hands on a piece from Louis Vuitton's Spring 2013 collection. It's a jacket in that zippy, lemon checkerboard everyone obsessed over during Fashion Month last fall, and it makes the model even more noticeable when she walks into a room.

"I just bought it!" she gushed when I met her at Samsung's Smart TV launch earlier this week. "Yellow is my favorite color." It's a good spring purchase, indeed, but an out-of-character one for Upton, who said she usually sticks to a much tamer palette. "Well, usually, I feel like my personality's so big I've gotta tone it down a notch with my clothes. So day-to-day, I'm in black jeans, black Sam Edelman boots, a black shirt."

Seems pretty straightforward, right?

"It gets stressful to figure out what to wear for every different little occasion, you know? I'd rather have something I'm already confident in, and just stick to that," she explained.

Simple yet polished, that all-black look's a good go-to for a busy girl like Kate, who barely has time to watch TV on the very Samsung set she was endorsing. I mean, the girl's still catching up on Homeland. "I'm obsessed!" she said. ("Maybe there's some sort of Carrie Mathison influence on that black-on-black uniform of yours?" I asked.)  "I didn't even think of that—but yes, exactly! There's definitely some logic there!" It's cool, Kate. I feel like I've been osmosis-dressing a bit like Downton Abbey's Branson lately, so I get it.

Click through below to shop Kate's all-black C.I.A. spy uniform below, as well as pieces inspired by her mixing-it-up checkerboard jacket. (Because sometimes, when you've got the time, it's nice to step out of your comfort zone a little. Even if we can't all be stepping into Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 in the process.)

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