EXCLUSIVE: Madewell Dives Into Swimwear Season

Are our spring break packing guides making you itch for a warm-weather getaway of your own? We don't blame you—now, if only Mother Nature would cooperate. While you wait for the temperatures to creep back up to bearable levels, why not enjoy Madewell's brand-new spring swimwear video? Featuring plenty of cannonballing, poolside dancing, raft-top napping and other sorts of outdoor fun, it's an instant cure for that case of the Mondays—especially since this particular Monday happens to be a snow day.

Check out the too-cute clip below, then click through to peep a few of Madewell's never-before-seen swimwear styles, which will begin trickling into stores and online at tomorrow. We even priced them out—all the better to start drawing up your spring (or, heck, summer) vacation budget.

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