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Emily's Look

Pros: We love how Emily accessorized this casual look. Her grey leather satchel adds a nice textural touch, and we're suckers for a good pair of loafers.

Cons: It all seems a little bit drab, don't you think? A patterned blouse or a splash of color could have livened up this gloomy getup.

Aria's Look

Pros: We know we've criticized cat patterns in the past, but we love how Aria paired her bold leopard print jacket with those black and white heels. She looks like a lovely optical illusion.

Cons: Aria's clunky skull-adorned handbag weighs down her sleek jacket and little black dress. We think a more streamlined bag would better complement this sophisticated ensemble.

Hanna's Look

Pros: Pastels look great against Hanna's complexion, and we are big fans of pairing a simple blouse with an embellished sweater for a bit of textural intrigue.

Cons: We're self-proclaimed sparkle devotees, but Hanna has exceeded her bling allowance here. Losing the beaded belt or the the spiky necklace might help tone things down.

Mona's Look

Pros: The punch of aqua in this tailored outfit really works. We love how Mona's chunky bracelet nods to fashion's current obsession with clear accessories, and we don't even mind that it matches her blouse and nails.

Cons: We know Mona is a proud nerd (albiet one with shopaholic tendencies), but this outfit is a little too librarian-chic for our taste. A textured skirt or a blouse that isn't quite so buttoned-up might help to make this look more youthful.

The Winner Is: Aria!
It's only appropriate that Olympian Missy Franklin stopped by the PLL set this week, because we think Aria deserves a gold medal for her outfit. It's classy without being stuffy, and we admire anyone who can stomp around high school all day in five-inch heels.