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Kate Moss x Sushi Shop
Just this month, the infamous British super created an exclusive box designed to hold 40 pieces of sushi for the Japanese food chain. It's kind of ridiculous and we know it's ridiculous and yet still...there is a tiny part of us that thinks Moss-endorsed rolls might taste better than the regular thing.
Victoria Beckham x Range Rover
Whether it's fashion or auto mechanics, V Becks only works with the very best brands. This partnership was surprising and all—but not like Posh for Kia Rio surprising.
Tom Brady x Uggs
So. Many. Questions! Like, did he actually help design these? Did Gisele help? And most importantly: do he and his team mates wear fleecy slippers in the locker room?
Rodarte x Starbucks
No, your computer isn't broken—that's what the mugs actually look like. It has to be arty you see, because even though CFDA-winning Mulleavy sisters joined forces with a giant conglomerate, they're no sell outs.
Richard Nicoll x Tropicana
In February 2013, while his collegues were busy with a little thing called Fashion Month, the London based designer debuted a dress inspired by Trop50, the latest beverage in the juice company's arsenal.
A.P.C. x Aesop Post-Poo Drops
This one is a little more about the product itself than the brands that made it. Aesop and A.P.C. actually have a lot in common: both take a very simple, no-frills approach to design and both are beloved by fashion insiders. Neither, however, have anything to "pooing," or the smells that come with it. So it's totally befuddling that out of all the endless amount of more appealing things these two could have created together, a "deodorizer best suited for use by those who eat, drink and digest daily" seemed best.
Marchesa x NFL
It all started with a one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal studded top Georgia Champman created for Suzanne Johnson, wife of Jet's owner Woody Johnson. Although her was "couture," a similar version was sold on the team's website last fall. Apparently the evening wear designer plans to release even more glammed up sports shirts in the future, geared toward lady fans of additonal teams.
Karl Lagerfeld x AgustaWestland
The Kaiser well-known for taking on unexpected side projects—wine bottle labels, ice cream commercials, Snoop Dogg videos—but making VIP helicopters is one of his strangest to date.
Jason Wu x Brizo Faucets
It seems Michelle Obama isn't the only one clamoring for this man's designs. Since 2011, the bathroom fixtures company has been working with the designer on an exclusive line of faucets. "Fashion isn't just about the clothes," Wu is quoted on the company's website. "It's a lifestyle."
DVF x Evian
We associate Diane with wrap dresses and wise advice on becoming the woman you were meant to be. This water bottle doesn't really seem to have anything to do with either of those things, but there is a pretty heart on the label, so there's that.