12 Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet Like A Lucky Editor

Not all closets require the same level of spring cleaning. While some beg for multi-day overhaul, complete with several Container Store runs and trips to Goodwill, others need but a few easy tweaks, like the 12 tips from our editors below. Of course, both types of wardrobes will benefit from their advice—the first kind just requires a lot more prep work.

Scroll down for 12* super simple ways to organize your closet:

*Okay, more like ten—not everyone has the benefit of a fastidious significant other or two closets to work with.


"Huggable Hangers from HSN! Every fashion editor I know uses these at home. They're flocked with velvet so your clothes don't slip off and they're really thin so you can fit way more into your closet, thereby increasing your closet space tremendously. They're really sturdy—strong enough to hold my giant Canada Goose parka(!)—and they're curved exactly right so your clothes hold their shape. Plus, they come in 20 different colors, you can get special ones for shirts and suits, and clips for skirts." - Liz Kiernan, Special Sections Director

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