12 Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet Like A Lucky Editor

Not all closets require the same level of spring cleaning. While some beg for multi-day overhaul, complete with several Container Store runs and trips to Goodwill, others need but a few easy tweaks, like the 12 tips from our editors below. Of course, both types of wardrobes will benefit from their advice—the first kind just requires a lot more prep work.

Scroll down for 12* super simple ways to organize your closet:

*Okay, more like ten—not everyone has the benefit of a fastidious significant other or two closets to work with.


"I swear by vacuum sealed space saver bags. It's easier than plastic bins because: A.) You can see most everything in them easily and B.) They take up so much less space. I have at least 6 under my bed right now…and even more in my closet" - Hilary McDaniels, Digital Production Assistant

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