Chris Parker: Fashion's Favorite Babysitter

The '80s were a golden age of cinema. A golden age, I tell you. Out of this era rose such classics as The Goonies, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and, of course, The Breakfast Club. Each film came with its own style icons, but today we're going to focus on Chris Parker, Adventures in Babysitting's heroine.

Picture this: in a quiet suburb of Chicago (setting of choice for every '80s movie ever), Chris is getting ready for a date with, like, the coolest guy in school. As she dances around with her stuffed animals and lip-syncs to "Then He Kissed Me," we get our first glimpse of her style. It's a super '80s, gingham thing. In other words, it's the best thing you've ever seen. Before long, her date cancels, claiming his sister has fallen ill. Oh no.

Lazing around with her token weird friend Brenda, the Hendersons call seeking a babysitter. With no other plans, Chris agrees. Oh, Chris—if you only knew what lay ahead. Before long, our heroine (and her grandfather's coat) is caught up in a world of grand theft auto, gangs, stabbings, prostitutes, shootings, college parties, bus station hobos, building-rappelling and breaking speed limits.

See what I mean when I said the '80s were a golden age of cinema? Click through to see and shop Chris' style.

One of the greatest scenes in American film, when the gang sings "Babysitting Blues." Watch it here if you're not familiar. Chris is wearing her dead grandfather's coat, a pink sweater, some bright jeans and red boots. It's hardly well-thought-out, but it works.