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Unnecessary Leather
Dude, it's hot in California.
Oversize Clutches
The antithesis of the dancing-ready crossbody bag.
Kitten Heeels
Unless you're really trying to stake out a place in the grass.
White Jeans
They wil be ruined.
Keep your work clothes safely in your suitcase.
Logo Clothing
It's not about the labels, it's about the music, man.
Preppy Headbands
All headgear must be fabric and tied around your head, not on it. It's a rule.
Sundresses are festival-friendly for sure. But gingham is the fabric of preppy cookouts and summer picnics, not all day dance fests.
Silk Blouses
Sweat. Wrinkles. Stains. Dry cleaning bills. Nightmare.
Unless they're oversize and ironic, like something a grandpa would wear.
It's friendship bracelet territory.
Bandage Dresses
It's Palm Springs, not Vegas.
Tweed Jackets
You can wear your Chanel 2.55 crossbody bag to Coachella, but you Chanel-y jacket better stay at home.
Pencil Skirts
Even if they have cool patterns, they're too constricting.