Five Simple Ways to Look Spring-y While It's Still Cold Outside

What was the guy who decided that late March was a good time for spring to offically start thinking?! It's just such a tease—like, if the calendar says it's time for bare legs and lemonade, why are we still chugging hot chocolate in our puffers?

Arguably, the weather is a little bit warmer now than it was at winter's biting peak—it's just not "spring warm" and certainly not spring clothing warm. But while tights and sweaters will linger in our wardrobes for the next few weeks, there are other ways to sartorially acknowledge the shift of seasons, starting with my tips in the slideshow below. Click through for five ways to update your look without freezing.

Utility Jackets With a Twist

Roomy enough to layer over bulky sweaters, a lighter-weight long coat makes an otherwise winter-ish outfit look fresh, especially if it has a fun print or color. I always start the season by buttoning mine up all the way and topping it with a beanie; by May, it's unzipped over a flimsy white T-shirt.