17 Lucky Editor Secrets For Surviving a Wardrobe Emergency

This handy advice on clothing, shoe and handbag upkeep will triple the life of your favorite pieces. (So go ahead, spurge on that that new cashmere sweater—just follow tip number three and it'll look new forever.)

"At a bar once, after someone spilled red wine on my dress, another girl tipped a shot glass full of vodka on top of it. Intentionally. Apparently high-proof alcohol lifts stains—who knew?—and vodka's clear, of course, so you can spot-clean with it in a jam. Good to know, because if you're somewhere where there's lots of spilling going on, there's probably not always a Tide pen floating around too. Or even soda water. But there might be vodka, which completely erased that stain on my dress." - Natalie Matthews, Digital Fashion Writer