17 Lucky Editor Secrets For Surviving a Wardrobe Emergency

This handy advice on clothing, shoe and handbag upkeep will triple the life of your favorite pieces. (So go ahead, spurge on that that new cashmere sweater—just follow tip number three and it'll look new forever.)

"On all of my high-heeled shoes, I have a rubber sole from Leather Spa put on the ball of the foot. It protects the shoe, which extends its lifespan—and you can also wear them for longer due to the bit of extra padding." - Lisa Goldstein, Fashion Market Assistant

"I find that rolled-up magazines make great, cheap boot inserts. They're also a nice way to justify one's costly mag-hoarding habits." -Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor

"For my tall boots, I use empty 1L water bottles to keep the shape." -Stephani Kornblum, Public Relations Coordinator