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"At a bar once, after someone spilled red wine on my dress, another girl tipped a shot glass full of vodka on top of it. Intentionally. Apparently high-proof alcohol lifts stains—who knew?—and vodka's clear, of course, so you can spot-clean with it in a jam. Good to know, because if you're somewhere where there's lots of spilling going on, there's probably not always a Tide pen floating around too. Or even soda water. But there might be vodka, which completely erased that stain on my dress." - Natalie Matthews, Digital Fashion Writer
"Nothing gets red wine out like white wine and salt. I once spilled at least a half a bottle of merlot on a cream fabric purse. A cup of salt (to soak up the excess liquid) and a bottle of sauvignon blanc (to dilute and clean) later, I was back to spotless. (Incidentally, both those things are handy to have on hand for cooking. Yum.)" - Verena von Pfetten, Executive Digital Editor
"Always fold sweaters—don’t hang them, it will create holes in the shoulders." - Lisa Goldstein, Fashion Market Assistant
"Club soda water will get red wine out of silk chiffon—I know because I once dropped a glass of red into a bag of silk chiffon dresses! Blot with paper towels, soak, blot, soak, blot…..and keep going until the stain is out." - Eleanor Strauss, Senior Fashion Editor
"I love filling little mesh bags (or even old drawstring shoe bags) with potpourri or little scented soaps, then tucking them in my dresser drawers—especially the ones I store sweaters and underwear in. Presto, a sweet-smelling wardrobe!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"For scuffs on my patent leather shoes, nail polish remover works great!" - Amanda Letchko, Fashion Assistant
"Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't dry-clean cashmere. Every time I do, they get holes so much quicker than when I wash them on the gentle cycle." - Lisa Goldstein, Fashion Market Assistant
"I've learned over the years that it's far better to just hand-wash cashmere sweaters instead of dry-cleaning them. It costs less, keeps the fibers from breaking down over time AND means your sweaters will actually feel CLEAN—not just 'lightly steamed' like most dry-cleaned clothes usually do." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"For my UGGS (yes, I will always love them) I dab on apple cider vinegar to remove pesky salt stains." - Amanda Letchko, Fashion Assistant
"I used to buy 'magic' leather shoe stretch solution until I discovered the secret ingredients: alcohol and water! Just apply rubbing alcohol to the parts of the shoe you want to stretch, and wear them while still wet. Magic!" - Liz Kiernan, Special Sections Director
"Wet wipes or face wipes will get a lot of miscellaneous stains out of clothing." - Eleanor Strauss, Senior Fashion Editor
"I never leave home without either hand sanitizer or Wet Ones wipes—they both remove almost any kind of stain because the alcohol content breaks it down." - Liz Kiernan, Special Sections Director
"To help bags keep their shape when I'm not using them, I'll store out-of-season clothes in them. For instance: I'll store a sweater in a bigger bag or wool socks in a smaller bag during the summer when I don’t even need those items. It's nice because it also frees up some drawer space." - Leigh Gill, Contributing Assistant Fashion Editor
"To remove lipstick: Scotch tape will pull it right off." - Liz Kiernan, Special Sections Director
"On all of my high-heeled shoes, I have a rubber sole from Leather Spa put on the ball of the foot. It protects the shoe, which extends its lifespan—and you can also wear them for longer due to the bit of extra padding." - Lisa Goldstein, Fashion Market Assistant
"I find that rolled-up magazines make great, cheap boot inserts. They're also a nice way to justify one's costly mag-hoarding habits." -Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor

"For my tall boots, I use empty 1L water bottles to keep the shape." -Stephani Kornblum, Public Relations Coordinator