Five Surprising Color Combos You Never Thought You Could Wear

When you stop thinking in black and white (and tan and cream, and red and navy), your outfit options will triple—and so will the compliments you receive daily.

Discover five new ways to expand your hue-mixing horizons now, in the slideshow below.

Ruby and Fuchsia

The clothes: So long as each shade is truly a jewel tone, this pairing should work every time; when in doubt, look for pieces in luxury materials, like silk or velvet. Since the colors are already quite regal, fancy fabric will enhance the effect. 

The accessories: I like the way black that makes the crimson/purple combo a little more causal, but any sort of metallic will also work—especially for black-tie occasions. Tans, creams and "nature-y" hues in general, however, should be avoided.