Game of Thrones Style: Khaleesi Toasts Tyrell

Last night, we dropped everything to watch Game of Thrones' triumphant return to HBO. For months we waited, wondering about the welfare of our favorite dragons, the seemingly alcoholic Queen Cersei and the fate of young Arya Stark. While watching in our House Targaryen hoodie, we decided to craft our own spin on which character has the claim to the Iron Throne. Everybody thinks they deserve it, but if you look at things through a sartorial lens, some are more suited than others. Each week, we'll choose who gets to rule over the seven kingdoms, based purely on style and street cred.

Episode 1 was a tough call between Margaery Tyrell and Daenerys Targaryen. But ultimately, we had to give the throne to Daenerys. Her blue dress was a big hit with us—sporty, functional and not too casual, the perfect option for slave-army-shopping. Beyond that, her horn jewelry was a nice touch. The ladies in King's Landing can get way too into their looks; Dany just lets it glide, and we respect that. Also because dragons.

Casual braids blowing in the wind on her kickass boat.