Get Ready in 5 Minutes or Less!

I have a penchant for the yuppie coffee shop that's eight blocks from my apartment, enough to spend thirteen minutes walking there and back on many weekday mornings. (They draw leaves in cappucino foam which make me feel fancy, like Gwyneth Paltrow caffeinating—that is, if she drank anything other than green tea.)

I can afford to slice off that chunk of my morning because I'm a uniform dresser: blazer, top, slim pants, brogues or heels, done. But even if I weren't, I could still get out the door enviously fast thanks to these time-skimming strategies. I use them when I've worn my uniform staples too much, feel like I'm starting from wardrobe scratch and (more importantly) should've been out the door seven minutes ago. You can use them too, and if you show up to work late, it'll be because of your commute or your coffee, not because of the time spent in your closet.

Tactic #2: The Low Ponytail

Don't bother brushing, curling, straightening or braiding. Instead, spend 8 seconds running some sleek-ifying product along the top of your hair and 4 seconds wrapping an elastic band at the nape. It'll look polished and intentional, like you actually spent time trying.

Chloé via Fairchild Archive

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