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Clean Everything
Before packing up, clean everything. Dirty clothes are more attractive to moths and if you get one hole in a sweater, it's done for. Follow instructions on all your labels for the best method. But, if it's knit cashmere, the Loro Piana guy at Bergdorfs told me to hand wash it in cold water and let it air dry. Do not twist or bunch the fabric during this process as it could damage the garment, and be sure to remove any pills beforehand.
Cashmere & Knits
The main thing with storing clothes is how you protect them. Simply throwing them in the bottom of your closet will not only damage them from seasons of wrinkles, but make them more susceptible to dust, moths and whatever else you have growing in your home. I once pulled a white button-up from the clutches of storage only to find it was more yellow than white. Never again. For folded items, place them in sealable bags to keep them fresh.
Furs should be in a sealed cloth garment bag and kept in a cool area. If you're really fancy, you can take them to your local furrier and have them store them over the summer months. Typically, their facilities are top notch and worth the extra care.
Shoes & Boots
Put a little bit of tissue or newspaper in your shoes so they retain their shape. This also aids in soaking up any excess moisture, in case they happen to get exposed. And like we said earlier, make sure they're clean. Your footwear gets exposed to a lot of nasty things during the winter and the longer you leave those elements on your shoe, the more damaging they are. Pay special attention to getting rid of any salt that could dry and crack leather. Now you'll have room for all those spring shoes.
Winter Accessories
And don't forget about gloves, hats and scarves. What kind of person would you be if you left them behind or in some random bin in your coat closet? Like your knits, it's best to keep these in a sealed bag somewhere. Pay special attention to materials—you'll want to treat the finer things with a little more care.
Enjoy the Spring
Be sure those plastic bags are locked up tight and your clothes will live to see another winter. Now you're free to enjoy the spring. Have fun!