Your Go-To Jewelry Guide: What to Wear With Every Neckline

Next time you're in that moment where you have the dress figured out but not the jewelry pairing—your best friend isn't replying to the flood of selfies you're texting her; your not-really-listening boyfriend answers "ring or bracelet?" with "you look skinny"—you'll be glad you bookmarked this page. Because while there are several variables that affect which jewelry looks best with a particular dress, probably the biggest one is the dress's neckline. Start there and stick to these templates. It's much more pleasant than tangling all your necklaces together and scattering bracelets across your bed while wondering if a one-shoulder dress needs earrings or a bracelet. (It needs a cuff, obviously.)

One Shoulder + Cuff

Wearing a big cuff on the arm that has the bare shoulder creates a nice balance. Click through to shop the look.

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