Prom Queen Kate Young Reveals The Trick To Wearing A Sheer Bodysuit

Last night, I went to prom. Not an actual prom, mind you, but one thrown in celebration of Kate Young's upcoming collaboration with Target. Held at Old School in downtown NYC, the party featured a classroom-inspired shopping area (complete with chalkboards), tons of silver streamers and a homecoming-appropriate disco ball suspended high above the dance floor.

In between sipping pink champagne through a crazy straw and tying on our paper corsage, I caught up with a few of the evening's most notable partygoers. Michelle Williams, a longtime client of Young's, showed up in an adorable blazer-and-shorts combo, while Kate Mara chose a beautiful yellow floral shift from the stylist's collection. And though the House of Cards star doesn't call on Young when dressing for the red carpet, she does appreciate the power of a talented stylist. "One of my best friends styles me for special occasions," she told us. "Usually I just do it on my own, but whenever I need help for an event or an awards show, I always call Johnny Wujek. He and I have fun together, so I never feel any pressure with him."

We also chatted with Disney Channel superstar Debby Ryan, dressed in a jewel-print, bow-adorned strapless number from Kate Young's collection. Keeping the evening's party theme in mind, we asked her for a few tips for getting ready for a big-deal fête. "Don't try anything new!" she stressed. "People always think that the day before a big event, they should get a facial or some sort of weird body wrap—and that's not the time to find out that you're allergic to seaweed! Break in your shoes, too, so you don't get blisters." She told us she lives for Target's designer collabs—she still wears pieces from the Jason Wu team-up regularly, in fact—and is crossing her fingers for a Céline for Target collab someday. "Can you imagine buying a Céline bag for like 40 bucks?" she laughed.

Before heading off to dance, we asked the lady of the hour to name a few of her favorite spring trends. "Accessories-wise, I love shoes with some plastic on them. There were plastic shoes at Stella and Givenchy—and at Kate Young for Target, we did plastic shoes," Young explained. "I just really like translucence and modern materials. I am really into navy blue mixed with white and denim, too. And I love my bodysuits that I made—I feel like it's a way to change up things that you already have."

Indeed, the sheer dotted bodysuits are one of the collab's most talked-about items—but aren't they a daunting trend to try, I asked? "The thing is, nobody knows it's a bodysuit when you're wearing it!" Young reasoned. "They think it's part of the dress. Michelle Williams has the same one on tonight that I'm wearing—she has it on under a blazer as a foundation garment. It shouldn't be scary. When I first sent it to Target they were like, 'Are you serious?' But I was like, 'Listen—get down with it!' It makes a lot of sense. And these aren't like high-waisted, '80s bodysuits..."

While her team-up with Target provided a new opportunity for Young to design some party dresses of her very own, the bread and butter of her business still lies in prepping her celebrity clients for big-deal outings. The most recent addition to her stable of A-listers? Game of Thrones and Breakfast at Tiffany's star Emilia Clarke, a Lucky office favorite. So is Young a die-hard GoT devotee? "I am!" she exclaimed. "I was even Khaleesi for Halloween—mother of dragons!" With her platinum blond hair and flawless skin, we can certainly see the resemblance.

Click through to see what everyone wore, and tell us: are you planning to shop Kate Young for Target when it drops on Sunday?

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