Why Ms. Frizzle Is Our Favorite Street Style Star Of All Time

In truth, Valerie Frizzle is both a style icon for the ages and for all ages. Every time she takes her class on a new adventure in the cartoon series The Magic School Bus, she's dressed to match her destination. It could be a galaxy print dress for when her bus transforms into a spaceship, or a weather-inspired look for a meteorology-themed trip, but it's always on point. Clearly, she dresses by occasion. As an ode to her outrageous but lovable style, we've gathered a few of our favorite looks and asked the series' illustrator Bruce Degen to share some insights on dressing everybody's favorite teacher.

"Ms. Frizzle knows all about the value of modern plumbing. She even had the entire class come out of a faucet in the girls' bathroom in school."