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"Ms. Frizzle knows all about the value of modern plumbing. She even had the entire class come out of a faucet in the girls' bathroom in school."
Maybe this one is better suited for the garden, but it's still the perfect yellow printed dress.
"A pattern to hint that would be the topic of the next book. And the shoes show great taste."
Embrace Ms. Frizzle's geometric dress with Kate Spade New York.
"A hint at the next book. I went to a local beekeeper to learn about beehives.  Didn't get stung, I was so sweet the bees loved me."
Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton may have actually been completely inspired by Ms. Frizzle's adventures. But don't quote us on that.
"Rather than start out the dino book with a dino design, I used birds to indicate that birds may be the living relatives of dinosaurs."
Like Ms. Frizzle's bird dress, this print draws the eye from the hem to the neckline.
"This dress goes from one-celled organism in the primordial soup to man in space."
What's better than a skirt that features so many members of the animal kingdom?
"This is one of my favorite jokes that Joanna Cole wrote."
The perfect "green" bike-riding jumpsuit.
"This design started out on the bus and ended up on the dress."

Just don't wear it in the water.

"Bats are always a good idea. Some people find them scary but I think they are cute. Also the Friz has her own kind of 'shoe horn.'"
Nanananananana bat shirt!
"Flies and things that eat flies. What could be tastier?"
Wouldn't be surprised if this was found in Ms. Frizzle's jewelry box. Would you?
"Ms Frizzles's class is always a blast. In this case it was a hint at the next book, which would be about the solar system."

There's no crazier print than a galaxy print, perfectly fit for the world's most eccentric teacher.

"Thrift is illustrated on this dress. Fuel for a magic school bus is not cheap!"
Spend money to get money.
"A beach cover-up in the theme of a beach. Shoes—always have a ball at the shore!"
Let's just go to the beach.