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"Because sometimes I like to sit cross-legged at my desk and I can't do that in a skirt. Because pants are always warmer than tights, no matter how thick and cashmere-filled they are. Because the right pair of pants will always make legs look longer and leaner than a skirt can. (Even this one here, which I still endorse buying regardless.)" - Alison Syrett, Digital Writer
"Every time I wear a skirt I experience at least one moment of panic where I convince myself that my skirt is completely hiked up in the back, revealing my underwear. It never is, but wearing pants eliminates the possibility altogether." - Sarah Ferguson, Digital Production Assistant
"You never have to shave your legs! (But don't worry, mine are silky smooth under there. Most days, at least…)" - Sarah Ferguson, Digital Production Assistant
"Wearing pants means you're prepared at all times for a spontaneous dance-off." - Sarah Ferguson, Digital Production Assistant
"Pants are better than skirts because you never worry about errant updrafts while wearing them. In a skirt, you have to avoid every sidewalk grate for fear of an unintended Marilyn-Monroe-in-The-Seven-Year-Itch moment." - Karen Wilson, Senior Digital Producer
"Pants with long hems and high heels make you look a million miles tall, even if you're only average in height." - Karen Wilson, Senior Digital Producer
"Finding pants that fit you is complicated, which is actually a very good thing in one sense: your friends/roommates/sisters won't be able to borrow/steal them from you as easily as they do your shoes and shirts." - Natalie Matthews, Digital Fashion Writer
"I get anxiety trying to figure out what shoes to wear with a skirt. Especially when I'm in a flats-instead-of-heels type of mood." - Hillary McDaniels, Digital Production Assistant
"Hold up—pants are most certainly NOT better than skirts. Not if your body type skews more toward the hourglassy, small-of-waist and not-so-small-of-hip dimensions that mine does. It's virtually impossible for me to find jeans that fit both in the waist and the hip regions, particularly pairs that aren't super-stretchy. I own one pair of jeans—ONE—that I bust out for very special occasions. The rest of the time, you'll find me in full, A-line skirts and dresses—a silhouette that, at least for me, is far more figure-flattering." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"Would Marie Antoinette, Megan Draper or Lady Mary Crawley ever choose pants over skirts? Hell to the no! They're just not as classy." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"Unlike skirts, which twirl in a pleasantly fairy-like fashion, pants do little more than puddle sadly around one's ankles—or, in the case of skinny jeans, serve as super-constricting ankle-hugging devices. Great for warding off deep vein thrombosis on long plane flights? Sure. Whimsical and elegant? Not in the slightest." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor