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"There's a company in London called Sister Jane that does some really lovely dresses and pinafores." (Editor's Note: Ritzy wore this very dress to perform the same night I interviewed her!)
"At the moment, I've got this really bright bubblegum pink lipstick from Revlon that I love. It looks weird in the tube but just pops against any look. It's so playful!
A pinafore-style dress from Dahlia, another of Ritzy's favorite e-commerce stops.
"I like a wedge or heel for performing in. Unfortunately, I suffer from (a) moving a lot onstage and (b) being very uncoordinated—so I tend to have to have quite a safe shoe. Something that's feminine, but that still has some height to it and won't cause an accident."
"I do a lot of shopping on ASOS—they have such a huge range and it's constantly growing and changing. Their shipping is really reliable, which is important since we're always on the road."