Why Rooney Mara Wears Black and White Better Than Anyone Else

Rooney Mara turns 28 today—but you almost wouldn't guess it from her wise-beyond-her-years fashion choices. Youthful as her glowing alabaster skin and adorable dimples may be, the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star knows full well which silhouettes, hues and cuts work best for her svelte frame and striking coloring. Time and time again, she goes for sculpturally-designed looks in simple black and white—minimalist in shade, yet maximalist in construction. And best of all, you needn't be Rooney's age or have her body type to pull off these neutral-hued looks. Click through to peep Rooney's 10 best black and white looks ever—plus shoppable alternatives you should snag straight away.

Rooney's avant-garde explosion of snow-colored ruffles was a perfect choice for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's Tokyo premiere. We like Nina Ricci's slightly more subtle take on the look, too.