Six Ways to Beat a Jeans & T-Shirt Rut

Miranda Kerr wears some really fabulous jeans and t-shirt-based outfits, pairing floral denim and striped tees with perfect pointy-toe pumps. But that's not the kind of jeans and t-shirt rut we're talking about.

We're talking about the ho-hum jeans & t-shirts combos you throw on when you're just out of the shower and realize you need to pick up something from the drugstore ten minutes ago. It's sort of like eating the slightly stale rolls at a restaurant: need-fulfilling but not exactly satisfying. Especially when you're in your skinny Madewell blue jeans and soft Splendid gray tee—both absolute staples, but not inherently exciting—and you run into an ex-boyfriend. And then you're all "I don't look minimalist-cool I look boring," and freaking out.

So maybe, sometimes, it'd be worth trying a different default template than that one. These ones below are just as one-two-go as jeans and a tee, but a little more inventive-looking, which is always good to have in your back pocket.

Invest in a Good Shirt Dress

It's got a collar, pockets, buttons and a belted detail, so it looks kinda complicated, like you actually tried while getting dressed. Except it's so easy. Toss it on with simple sandals and you're good to go.

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