How To Make Your Watch Your Best Accessory

You already know how to mix your favorite wristwatch in with your bangles and bracelets of choice, of course—but what to do when you want to take things a step further and really make your timepiece the focal point of your accessorizing game? From oversized menswear-inspired varieties to mix-and-matchable metallics to timepieces that don't even tell the time—yes, they exist—we've rounded up a handful of ways to make your wristwatch your ultimate outfit add-on. After all, your watch shouldn't just tell time—it should say a little something about your style, too.

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Choose a Menswear Style

Most borrowed-from-the-boys trends tend to stick around for ages—oversized white button-ups, smoking slippers, satchels—and masculine timepieces are no exception. A favorite look amongst editors and celebs alike, a chunky, oversized watch looks amazing with both feminine dresses and jeans-and-tee combos alike. See how awesome Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen look in theirs?

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