Why We Can't Get Enough of Khaleesi's LBD On Game Of Thrones

It may seem like we're playing favorites here, but we're going to have to award Daenerys Targaryen the Iron Throne of Style, again. For most of last night's episode, we had Margaery Tyrell in the lead for her inspired use of cleavage, backless dresses and accessories. Daenerys came in at the end in the little blue dress she's been wearing all season and a new cloak. The outfit repeater was hardly enough to take her into the lead, but then she dropped bombs on Astapor.

After a painfully slow negotiation process, she finally procured her slave army in exchange for her biggest dragon. But if there's one thing I've learned about Daenerys in the past few seasons, it's that she doesn't give up a dragon so easily. Once she had the army in her control, she laid waste to the city and slavers with her dragons by her side. Then she gave her army their freedom and released them from slavery. In the face of the Mother of Dragons, the free men chose to stay and fight by her side.

All the braids, backless dresses and furs in the world couldn't knock Daenerys of the style throne at that point. Kickin' it old Valyria style.

Off to the mall.