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The Best Fabrics to Wear in Summer

I'll be real with you guys: I am not built for heat. I'm built for layers on layers, coats, hot chocolate and skiing. Despite my every effort, I just can't get down with the blazing sun of summer. My distaste, however, doesn't manage to solve the crisis of global warming, so my wardrobe and I must adapt. Summer dressing is all about ease, comfort and ventilation. Yes, a pair of shorts will keep you a little cooler, but did you know that some pants might actually do a better job? The trick is the material, so keep an eye out for the sweat-wicking fabrics below when picking up your summer gear.


The official fabric of summer.

Seersucker is a favorite of the country club set, but it wasn't always so. When it first appeared in the US (fresh from tropical British colonies) it was worn by the poor. The cotton derivative quickly changed images as preps and Southern gentlemen adopted it for its lightweight breathability. Technically, you're only meant to wear it between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but who really cares?