How To Rock Your After-Prom Party In Style

Prom is one of those few times when it's totally okay to pull a Lindsay Lohan-style, middle-of-the-night outfit change. We encourage it not just because it's the norm, but for some other pretty legit reasons too:

A) Your prom gown & shoes are probably not the most comfy ensemble in the history of ever (especially if you're not wearing heels you can dance in, ouch).

B) You probably splurged on the prom dress it because it's prom, and you don't want to risk a crowded living room/guacamole-d Tostito chip run-in.

Better to be cautious and comfortable, and bring a change of clothes. Below, some of our favorites, so your "I look so awesome" excitement doesn't have to fade with that outfit switch.

For the girl who's had her fill of girliness & tiaras for one night: throw on a colorblocked top and dark, distressed denim, and smudge your eyeliner. You'll be comfy, and sleek in a sort of art-y way.

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