Shorts For Every Body! Find Which Fit Works Best For You


If You Have Curvy Hips…

High-waisted shorts are your new bestie! This fit emphasizes that dainty just-below-the-ribcage area and downplays thighs. Dark colors are always the most flattering, but especially so on small-chested women wearing a lighter or patterned top. The combination creates Joan Holloway proportions where there aren't any every time.

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If You Are Straight and Narrow…

Pleats give the illusion of an hourglass figure; the slimmer your hips, the more volume you can get away with. You can go basic or printed with the shirt so long as its cut is streamlined, otherwise the look will overwhelm your frame.


If You Are Petite…

Embrace micro-minis! Shorter legs means you can wear shorter inseams without looking like you belong in the first half of Pretty Woman. In fact, the tinier the cut, the taller you'll seem.

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If You Want To Camouflage Your Midsection…

Prints will draw the eye downward and away from your stomach. However, this trick only works if you couple the pattern with a solid T-shirt or blouse that doesn't compete for attention. Also: look for a mid- or low-rise cuts because high waistbands will emphasize the very area you are trying to mask.


Digital Writer

If Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel agreed to dress me one morning, it'd mostly go well. I'd stand soggy-haired in my towel as she grabbed black jackets, simple silk button-downs and menswear-inspired trousers from my closet, laying out each option on my bed. Yes, yes, yes, all good choices.

Then, she'd turn toward my jewelry box, pull out several strands of pearls and twist them together to make one tangled statement piece. "Nice," I'd say. "Wish I thought of that sooner."

The trouble wouldn't start until dear Coco, famous hater of showing one's knees, would discover my drawer of shorts in disgust. Gathering the whole lot up in her (tweed-covered) arms, she'd make her way toward my trash can. When I stopped her, she'd swear at me in French and I'd Google translate my argument while dodging the cropped pants being lobbed at my head.

I'd like to think that after several minute of broken Fran-glish and hand gestures, I could convince Chanel's founder how important shorts really are. That the right pair, on the right person has the same miraculous transformative properties as any pencil skirt or well-tailored suit; that it will make their legs look so long and their butt look so toned that no one will notice a few knobby joints. Utterly converted, she'd let me help her find the best cut for her frame (I'm guessing Bermuda—I've heard she was tall) and we'd spend the rest of the day eating macarons while browsing culottes online.

But my desire to spread the gospel of shorts doesn't stop and end with late designers who are physically impossible to meet. Should you, too, have a hang up about exposing your lower half—whether it be your knees, hips or legs—I've got a way to solve it. Click through the slideshow below for your most flattering style now.

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