Looklet: It's Like Cher Horowitz's Closet for the 21st Century

If you, like me, are a child of the '90s, chances are the first five minutes of Clueless are forever burned into your brain (OK...or the entire movie). Cher Horowitz's morning routine was just so, well, glamorous—especially when it came to her daily outfit selections. The Beverly Hills heroine's virtual closet, with its tantalizing "Dress Me" function, seemed incredibly technologically savvy for 1995—and although it now looks pretty dated, the idea behind it lives on through innovative Stockholm-based fashion app Looklet.

I first stumbled across Looklet at e-commerce site Farfetch's recent Digital Dress Up event in NYC, where guests were invited to use the program to style their own looks using pieces from Farfetch's extensive inventory. How does it work? Looklet allows you to choose from a number of different models with various hairstyles and makeup looks, change their poses and even pick different shoot backgrounds and lighting scenarios. Once that's done, you start styling—and can pull from any product that's been shot and uploaded to Looklet's database.

But this isn't your average "drag and drop"-style dressing program. You can layer items in different ways, tuck or untuck tops and sweaters, and open and close coats and jackets. You can also alter the position of your model's arms and legs to show off that awesome bag or pair of heels to best effect. I gave Looklet another, more in-depth try myself last week—and after selecting a model with long, dark hair, almond-shaped eyes and pale skin who vaguely resembled myself, I spent at least an hour playing with numerous outfit possibilities. There were so many customization options, it felt like I was playing a video game as I styled my looks—and I sure didn't want to stop.

After you're done assembling your ensembles, Looklet lets you export and save your finished outfits in glorious hi-res—great for sharing via social media. And along with the images themselves, you'll also receive text files containing shopping credits (and links!) for each item featured. Click through to peep a few of the looks I put together using the app. It's not integrated for public use on Farfetch—not yet, at least—but tell us: do you want to see more of Looklet? Would you be more inclined to make a purchase if you could test-style it with several different looks first—and on a model who actually resembles you?

Crisp whites make for an ideal dressed-up brunch ensemble.