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Way more covered-up than most little cocktail dresses are, and yet it's so much more flirtatious. It's a mind game, and it's awesome. Click through to shop the look.
Try it out by wearing a bustier top with slim black trousers, or tip-toe into it in a more subtle way by using a bustier-style belt to cinch a swingy dress.
Pick a body-skimming dress in a demure print or color. It's ladylike, but still shows off your figure. Click through to shop the look.
So here's how to do the lingerie dressing, visible bra thing: stick to one color palette head-to-toe so it looks streamlined and stylized.  Click through to shop the look.
Adding simple, classic jewelry makes it even more sophistocated.
These are extras, but if you're going to truly do the Cruel Intentions thing you need a couple props, like Kathryn's rosary necklace (minus the illicit drugs) and a clutch that looks a lot like that journal Kathryn really, really wanted to read.