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"I hand-wash my swimsuits so they last longer, and it's really easy because I use a rinse-free detergent called Soak. I put a little in a sinkful of water and soak the suits for 15 minutes, squeeze out the water and then lay flat to dry." - Jane Sung, Lucky Breaks Editor
"My favorite place to shop for swimsuits on a budget is Old Navy—they have a bunch of different cuts for both tops and bottoms and they sell them separately. That way you don't have to worry if you're a different size on top and bottom. Plus, they sell both solids and patterns, so there's something for everyone." - Hanna Howard, Fashion Credits Assistant
"I always wash my swimsuits in cold water with dish soap—it's gentler than regular detergents, so it's not as tough on the fabric, plus it keeps your suit from fading as quickly. And I always line-dry to retain elasticity." - Hanna Howard, Fashion Credits Assistant
"Swimsuits are so expensive these days! Since bikinis are often sold separately, I like to buy just the tops and mix them up with bottoms I already have. That cuts the price of a new suit in half, and you'd be surprised at how cute mismatched tops and bottoms look together." - Jane Sung, Lucky Breaks Editor

"My swimsuit secret weapon? Tie-side bottoms. I never, ever buy a bikini that doesn't have them, because here's the thing: if a swimsuit bottom is even a TINY bit too small or too low-cut, it's an instant invitation for unflattering bulges and bits to pop up. Since tie-side bottoms are easily adjustable, you can customize them to fit your shape perfectly. Who wouldn't want that?!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor

"If you tend towards the hippier end of things, side ties are your best friend! Because you can tie them as tight or as loose as you'd like, you can minimize most (if not all!) of the dreaded bikini bottom pinch. Finding the right bottoms (again, for those of us with a more hourglass shape) is actually a little counter-intuitive; I find that going for slightly less coverage makes for a more flattering look. And for tops, I prefer something with a bit of structure, so that I'm not worried about waves or an errant strap. Honestly, the best thing you can do is just make sure you feel great. It's summer! What's not to love?" - Verena von Pfetten, Executive Digital Editor

"I buy cute nightshirts to wear as cover-ups—they're the perfect length and weight!" - Jayna Maleri, Senior Fashion Writer
"Buy your swimsuit in the very beginning of the season. You wouldn't believe the number of people who try on swimsuits during the season. Gross!" - Joane Amay, Senior Fashion Credits Editor
"Milk is the best way to calm the pain of a sunburn. My doctor told this to my mom when I was little (and very pale) and ever since then, I gently press cotton balls soaked in whole milk against my skin to calm sunburns. Works like a charm every time!" - Stephanie Kornblum, Public Relations Coordinator
"Protect your investment with The Laundress' excellent Sport Detergent and your suit really will stay looking new for years." - Lia Kiernan, Special Sections Director
"The key is to invest in a top-quality swimsuit—the higher-end fabrics and a better fit make it SO much more flattering. I love Malia Mills: They carry the same gorgeous,  sophisticated solid colors from year to year (they always have new prints too), and they have loads of different top and bottom styles (the tops actually come in bra sizes!) so you'll definitely find one that fits—they're designed specifically to flatter all body types." - Liz Kiernan, Special Sections Director
"If you normally like to have any color when you're wearing a bathing suit, do self tanner the day before you shop. You'll feel 1,000 times more presentable." - Jean Godfrey-June, Executive Beauty Director
"Never trust dressing room lighting. If you can take the swimsuit home with you (return policy permitting!) or order it online, that's always better. There's something about that confined space + overhead, fluorescent lighting that can distract from how awesome you actually might look in the suit." - Anna Deutsch, Special Sections Editor
"My swimwear strategy is pretty simple. I buy only J.Crew—I know the size and fit I like, and I always buy at least one black and at least one print. They wind up being totally mix-and-matchable, the colors and prints always wind up looking cute together (and from seasons past too!) They're also inexpensive and you can get separates on sale pretty cheap off-season. I just hate the idea of going and trying on tons of suits, so this makes it totally simple and foolproof." - Julia Kalachnikoff, Accessories Director
"I'm a D-cup so it's a real challenge to find bikini tops that fit me, are supportive and don't look matronly or like a bra. I've had the best luck at Victoria's Secret. It's a bonus that the brand's swimsuits are always on sale!" - Sarah Ferguson, Production Assistant
"Marc by Marc Jacobs makes the best swimwear—it's so affordable for such high quality!" - Brandon Holley, Editor-in-Chief
"Cindy Crawford once told me a string, triangle top bikini is the most flattering." - Jean Godfrey-June, Executive Beauty Director