With This iPhone App, Customizable Street Style Is Just a Swipe Away

The one pitfall of street style is that these days, you are stuck with what you see. You can't go beyond how one person envisions his or her clothes, great as it might be. It's not a bad thing, really, but sometimes you might think of ways to do it differently. That's where Figr comes in. Launched earlier this week, it splits the traditional street style photo into four parts. There's a head, two sections for the body and a slice just for shoes. As the creators describe it, "With Figr, you can re-style looks from the runway, lookbooks, fashion blogs and the street to create and share your own original outfits." Basically, you become a stylist with a huge library of samples. All you have to do is swipe, choose and share. 

We warn you, it's highly addictive. You can download it now from the App Store, along with our digital edition.

street style
street style