What to Wear to a Graduation When You're Not the One Getting the Diploma

When dressing to attend a graduation ceremony that's not your own, there are a few obvious rules to abide by. You're not the lady of the hour—that'd be the girl is the cap and gown, of course—so splashy patterns, crazy cuts and neon anything is a no-no. As for footwear, your shoes should be relatively easy to walk in, as you'll probably be spending a decent amount of the day standing around, mingling and otherwise on the move.

Additionally, though, it's always good to choose an outfit that skews slightly preppy—after all, not only will teachers and faculty be in attendance on the big day, but boatloads of parents, too. To that end, click through to peep four polished graduation day looks perfect for any guest, whether the event's being held indoors or outside.

There are only a few occasions in life where one can wear an oversized, broad-brimmed hat, and a graduation just so happens to be one of them (see also: the Kentucky Derby, Labor Day weekend). Team yours with a sweet striped sundress and a colorful cocktail ring. Metallic wedge espadrilles will keep you from sinking down into the lawn.