Eight Totally Wearable Ways To Rock Punk Style—We Promise!

Punk is in the air right now—and it's all thanks to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The iconic institution's famous Costume Institute chose "Punk: Chaos to Couture" as the theme for this year's fashion exhibit—and the installation (which opens on May 9) promises to offer more Vivienne Westwood kilts, safety-pinned Versace dresses and ripped Rodarte knits than one can count.

Obviously, there's no better time to dress the part—but what to do if your taste skews more toward classic cardigans and cocktail dresses than creepers and spikes? I sat down with our Executive Fashion Director Alexis Bryan Morgan, who always looks impeccably polished, to find out how she'd get make the trend her own.

"I'm obviously not punk," she tells me. "But what's great is that you can wear a little or a lot of it." For her, the turning point was seeing Saint Laurent's Fall 2013 collection in Paris back in March. "It gave me major high school déjà vu—it was all very punk-grunge, and those were my high school years!" she says. "I did a lot of resale shopping back then, and I feel like [Hedi Slimane] had found that exact piece I once bought and just redid it in luxurious fabrics. It was a great literal interpretation of punk-grunge." And as much as she liked the show's ready-to-wear—"I totally wore those little babydoll dresses with my motorcycle boots too!"—it was the footwear and jewelry that really wowed her. Turns out, that's the simplest way to test-drive the punk look—with a few well-placed accessories.

Read on for more of Alexis' tips—plus our shopping suggestions to help you get the look!

"Back in high school, everyone was wearing Doc Martens—but I had some real army-issued combat boots that were much cooler."