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"Back in high school, everyone was wearing Doc Martens—but I had some real army-issued combat boots that were much cooler."
"Now, I'm definitely thinking about getting Saint Laurent's moto boots."
"I'm obsessed with Jennifer Fisher jewelry right now. Her sort of punky-tough pieces feel so on trend, and what's great about them is that you can wear a little or a lot of the look. Add, say, a little studded bracelet and be done with it."
"Lots of designers are doing ear cuffs right now."
Alexis names Dana Lorenz's Fenton and Fallon collections as punky favorites.
"A girl wearing a black tank with a black moto jacket—that's punk, but something I could actually wear."
"Hermès has remade its classic studded cuff in silver—and there's one in diamonds, too. They're so good! This season, Hermès showed a lot of things that felt tougher than usual."
"Even Valentino's doing studs now! It's totally different from anything the brand's done before. I think a studded heel is a great way to get the look."