How To Host A Perfect Summer Soirée With Blogger Bubby & Bean

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Summer's the prime season for at-home entertaining. After all, what better excuse is there to showcase your own sense of style? Whether it’s an impromptu takeout dinner party after work or a chic celebration featuring a gourmet menu, hosting an event in your home has the potential to be incredibly festive—and fun!

To make your next party a snap, we’ve put together a bit of a cheat sheet, turning to a few fashionable bloggers to tap their entertaining expertise. This three-part series will address everything from which frock to rock to how to dress your table and what to serve your guests.

Each blogger has a unique aesthetic and myriad tips for incorporating your own personal style into your next event. We’ve given each girl the go-ahead to plan a summer party her way—and we’ve helped her out by sending her a case of the good stuff: a crisp new Pinot Gris from California’s La Crema winery. Hailed as pairing nicely with hammocks, sandals and playing hooky on a warm day, it’s the ultimate accompaniment to an alfresco fête, however you choose to style it.

First up is sustainable fashion designer and illustrator Melissa Baswell Williams of Bubby and Bean. Read on for her tips!

What to Wear

“As the hostess, you want an outfit that makes a statement and is elegant—yet is completely comfortable. For this event, I wanted to wear something that coincided with my theme: neutral with pops of color.”

Image: Robert Hunter Williams.

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