Supermodel Mom-Daughter Duo Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger Talk Wardrobe-Swapping and Spa Days

Mother's Day is the one day every year when you have no excuse not to spend some quality time with your favorite female family member—or at least give her a call and a card. But for supermodel mom-daughter duo Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger, carving out "together time" often poses a challenge. At 21, Georgia's juggling a handful of fashion campaigns for the likes of H&M, Material Girl and Hudson Jeans, work for which takes her all over the globe—and frequently far away from her family back in the UK. Sure, reigning '70s catwalk queen Jerry is no stranger to the jetsetting high-fashion lifestyle herself—but still.

Fortunately, the twosome's latest project both makes use of their glamourous good looks and manages to bring them together. Jerry and Georgia are the faces of Sunglass Hut's new Mother's Day campaign—and we couldn't resist the opportunity to ask them all about their family traditions, favorite hobbies and fashion-swapping. Read on!

Lucky: How do you two usually celebrate Mother's Day? Any particular family traditions?

Jerry Hall: We usually celebrate by having brunch with the family. Afterwards, we will maybe do some gardening in my organic vegetable patch.

Georgia May Jagger: This year, I get to be at home in London with Mum. Just relaxing and reading magazines together is nice!

What's your best Mother's Day memory of all time?

GMJ: One year, my sister and I had breakfast in bed with Mum. We made it for her, and then got in bed to eat.

As one of Sunglass Hut's new faces, what's your current favorite pair of sunnies?

GMJ: Right now, the circle tortoise Miu Miu shades. They have a vintage feel and remind me of my mom's old sunglasses. My usual go-to brand is Ray-Ban since they come in so many shapes, sizes and colors.

Georgia, what's one thing that you and your mom both love equally, despite your age difference?

GMJ: We love to go to the spa together—and to ride horses!

Jerry, what would you most like this Mother's Day?

JH: I would just like all of my children to be in the same place. That would make me very happy.

What's the best thing about being a mom? The biggest challenge?

JH: The best thing about being a mom is having the kids around and spending quality time together. The biggest challenge is that they grow up and have to leave. I wish they could stay at home forever.

Georgia, have you ever gotten any really great hand-me-downs from your mom?

GMJ: I have a lot of Mum's old gowns from the '70s. I used to take her sunglasses, too—but now she takes mine!

What's one thing from her closet that you'd love to steal for yourself?

GMJ: I love Mum's old jewels—and her shoes. I don't get to borrow those, though, since we wear different sizes.

Bummer. Do you want to be a mom someday too?

Yes, of course. I want to be just like her!

Photo courtesy of Sunglass Hut

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