Game of Thrones Style: Lady Olenna Negotiates Like a Pro

Last night's Game of Thrones episode saw Lady Olenna Tyrell in a tough spot. She'd been scheming with her granddaughter for weeks to have her grandson, Loras, marry Sansa Stark. This marriage would not only see Sansa safely to Highgarden, but would also further the Tyrells' ambitions. Good moves, Lady Olenna.

Unfortunately, after catching wind of this plan, the Lannisters swung into action and made moves to have Lord Tyrion marry Lady Sansa and wed Queen Cersei to Loras, thereby uniting the Tyrells with the Lannisters once more (Lady Margaery is to marry King Joffrey) and keeping Sansa not-so-safely in their clutches. When confronted by Lord Tywin, Lady Olenna kept a cool head on her shoulders. She scoffed at the idea of having the Tyrell heir married off to the "old" (yet admittedly beautiful) Queen Cersei. Tywin informed her that if she should refuse, he'd make Loras a member of the Kingsguard—effectively destroying their bloodline. She had no choice but to agree. For her one-liners, diplomatic negotiating skills and cool blue hat, we say she had the best style of the night.